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Large Sales

Beef can be ordered in whole, half and quarters. It is priced based on hanging weight, and currently is $2.80/lb; which will fluctuate based on the cattle market (this does not include the cost of processing). The average hanging weight of a whole beef is 600 lbs, and requires 9­ to 12 cu/ft of freezer space. Our processor dry ages the beef, and will custom cut your order. We work with E.R Boliantz Packing Co. in Ashland, Ohio; contact them for processing quotes, and details about cutting and packaging - 419.289.0736. For customers who have a preference, we are happy to work with other processors.

Small Sales

We sell individually packaged beef right here on the farm. It is fully inspected, "fresh frozen", and ready to use. We work with 3­D Meats in Dalton, Ohio and have new stock once a month. Orders can be placed by phone or email, pick up by appointment.


Filet Mignon - $17.00/lb

T-bone Steak - $10.00/lb

Porterhouse Steak - $10.50/lb

Strip Steak - $12.00/lb

Sirloin Steak - $9.50/lb

Rib Eye - $9.00/lb


Tip Roast $4.25/lb

Rump $4.25/lb

Brisket $4.50/lb

Chuck $4.00/lb

Stew $4.25/lb

Short Rib $3.50/lb


Burger Patties (90% lean) $4.25/lb

Ground beef (90% lean) $4.25/lb


Liver $2.00/lb

Tongue $2.00/lb

Ox Tail $4.50/lb